In the south of Lorengleim, after the 600th year of the great journey from angleim, the kingdom of lorengrim was under the reign of the royal kindred of Aelfwyn, the first kin to lead the great journey and drive its people from the darkness of the great purge of Aecthalon, the great lands of angleim were divided under the banners of the three greatest kindreds of old and the holders of the Regalias, the sacred artifacts that signified the royal right of rule over his people, by the blessings of the graces above the stars and the Holy church of Glados, The lands north the coast of Angleim, the Raining plains of Nethalen was under the Rule of the Royal Kindred of Syndarfinn, and the heart of the desert, the arid sands of the central region was under the royal kindred of Ekkhard, the rest of the vast continent of Angleim was claimed by the elves, under the royal kindred of Lothunwyne, and the dwarves distant in the far north under the clan of Ethosbwold.

Different from their Homeland of Angleim, Lorengleim was full of foul creatures and hostile animals, the cursed land, the church of Glados calls it, and says that only when the Regalias are united under one kingdom of unity and peace, may the sons of Angleim return to their homeland and be free from torment and the presence of the hostile creatures of Lorengleim. During the 6th century after the journey, the Kingdom Nethalen was under a civil crisis due to the erratic behavior of King Arthengard Syndarfinn IV, for his greed and lust was great, he sired two royal children under his royal wife, Queen Elina Syndarfinn, yet he sired great bastards with the royal lady Linza Aelfwyn, Cousin to king Gustaff Aefwyn, who had no children of his own, but two brothers, the marquis Reinhard of Gharinlakeand the Duke Larsen of Narif, after king Arthengard death, an group of court nobles of the kingdom of nethalen saw an opportuny to claim the rich lands of Lorengrim, by supporting the clain of the son of King Arthengard with the lady linza, they claimed that the lack of an male heir from king gustaff was prove of the divine right of the son of king arthengard and lady linza, since the church of glados preached that only when all the regalias were united under an era of eace of justice, may the one who were cast out, come back to the lands of olds, so they killed the eldest children of lady Elina and proclaimed Prince Denmeric Rightful king of Nethalen and loregrin, that since forth should be one kingdom, since Prince Denmeric by blood had the right to hold both Regalias.

The royal court of Lorengrim, proclaimed the eldest brother of the late king Larsen, who died in an assassination carried by prince Denmeric himself under a visit to the royal capital of nethalen, proclaimed Duke Gustaff the rightful king of Lorengrim, and with the support of his younger brother, Marquis Reinhard, the commander of the royal knights of Lorengrim, engaged in the first conflict with theKingdom of Nethalen in the battle of Summergrass Field, which Marquis Reinhard himself Slew the chief commander of the forces of nethalen, Commander Marliot Du'Blac in single combat with his blade Crimson Maiden, driving the forces back to the borders of Nethalen, which started the 7 years war during the kingdoms, which conflict both nethalen and lorengrin seek the favor of the neutral kingdons of Lothnengard and the sun people of Arthoras, King Laffate Lothunwyne agreed only to defend the capital of lorengrim, for the bonds both royal families shared, and not wishing to envolve his people in this war, Queen Kanede of Arthoras remained neutral, with trade routes with both kingdons, with the exception of Lord Kensym of Arthoras, brother of the queen, who was a great friend of Marquis Reinhard, and to not involve his kingdom in the war, fought alone in the vanguard of the Knights of Lorengrim with the Marquis himself, Kensym the Reader, was a Scholar and a great fencer of great fame for his skills and nobility. the 7yh year of war, Lord Groswald Primrose captured prince denmeric in the battle of the sea passage, on the west coast beaches of narif, the king was executed in the goldenwheat Field by his Uncle, Marquis Reinhard himself, under the charge of High treason and the kinsgslaying of King Larsen, he was beheaded. After this. the Court o Nethalen proclaimed his younger brother, prince Folcard, as King Folcard, first of his kin, the long war was a disaster for both kingdoms in lives and wealth, so King Folcard proposed peace terms to his uncle king Gustaff, who accepted the truce, under the condition of heavy compensations for the war , in gold and rights, and lost of the Regalia of nethalen, which is in the possession of King Gustaff, during the period of 10 years to assure peace, king Folcard who was a boy of 14, agreed, and the kingdom of nethalen became in fact an province of the Kingdom of Lorengrim, with King Folcard responding to King Gustaff in all major matters.